Supplying department includes
General supplies
Food supplies
Hotel supply
Agriculture supplies

General Supplies

Supply all tool for written works
requirements Supply all the plumbing kits
Supply all the electricity requirements Supply all carpentry kits
Supply all the discussion and decorating kits
Supply all toiletries and detergents supply all kinds of supplies Computer & accessories.
We supply all kinds of ink jet for printers and machine and fax.
We supply all kinds of supplies buffet for companies and banks.
We supply all kinds of supplies for construction (cement – iron – Bricks).

Food Supplies

We supply meals for factories and companies
The supply of meat, poultry and fish Supply all materials, whether packaged bottled packaging company bounties sector or from local markets.

Hotel Supplies

Supply furniture and curtains
Supply carpets , rugs and accessories
Supply kits kitchen equipment and cooking utensils Consumers buffet supply sugar, tea, drinks Supply transfer baggage carts

Agricultural Supply

Supply seedlings and shrubs
Supply vegetables and fruits

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