Education systems is specializes education systems in the construction sector and provide all educational equipment and subsidized advanced technological means For schools Center and kindergartens Where we are the beginning of the construction and equipping kindergartens with chairs and tables and entertainment games and computers and means of intelligence and skills development, as well as schools disks blackboards processing as well as processing courses stations with instruments and educational chairs and means of education related to the Internet and projector.
Second Specialized courses and courses of incorporation of the approved certification including Foundation for school and university courses in languages Courses in agriculture systems in all sectors under the supervision of university professors specialists Courses in automated control systems Courses in engineering disciplines Courses in Nursing That Menen bulletins during the dates of courses and locations Li our pages Facebook and Twitter as well as the transmitter via email each discipline on the unit where the deployment of specialization and duration.


Kindergartens in all provinces by the largest specialized nurseries of the founding of the children and their education.

Learning Courses

Learning courses in all languages or teaching Arabic and teaching calligraphy and rehabilitation of language schools.

Class rooms

Lecture rooms for students of universities and educational courses to meet the needs of the labor market certificates are supported.